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Momentum Healthware
Chart Tracking
The Chart Tracking module is a medical records management tool designed to manage the paper records of a facility. It has the potential to significantly reduce the current workload associated with records management, while increasing a facility’s confidence that client records are well-controlled, up-to-date, and accountable. This product is vital in environments where accountability for client records is increasing and resources are limited. Chart Tracking realizes its full potential as an automated records management tool when integrated with other modules such as Clinical Notes/Transcription, to track the location and movement of documents throughout your organization.

Records Management
Structure the client’s Master Record into a hierarchy of Chart Groups (i.e. X-Ray Film Bag) and Chart Group Items (i.e. X-Ray films) to suit the needs of the facility. Define any number of Chart Groups for a client’s Master Record. Any Chart Group Item can be linked both to a Chart Group and to a specific Registration, Activity, and Transcription record.

Site-configurable Chart Types such as Transcription, X-Ray Film, and Admission Record detail items including: uniqueness within the Chart Group, mandatory Chart Item, number of days allowed for completion, and whether the Chart Item is available for sign out.

Improve insurance claims recovery by setting the number of completion days and person responsible for completion of any Chart Item. Other fields detail record creation, receipt, mailed, and due dates.

Records Library
Define a permanent location for any Chart Item, including off-site storage. Maintain a circulation list through the Chart Item’s Library History that details the current location, sign out date, due date, and person responsible for each instance of loan. The system will prompt the user for the next due date.

  • Access chart management tools, electronic chart items, and patient visit history and encounter details with a single navigational screen
  • Search, select, filter, or access any combination of charts based on specific criteria from the overview screen
  • Generate comprehensive reports that provide a complete overview of the status of health records system
  • Create a chart hierarchy of Chart Groups that reflect the way your health records management department operates
  • Link any Chart Item to a specific registration, activity/order and Chart Item Group and to any Transcription record
  • Create your own unique, site-configurable records management system with a hierarchy of Chart Types (e.g. Transcription, X-Ray Film, Admission Record, and Face Sheet), Chart Items, and Chart Sections
  • Sign charts in/out and review listing of all overdue charts
  • Improve quality of care through access to patient-visit history, patient-encounter details, chart management tools, and electronic chart items.
  • Reduce time needed to track the location of a patient record and to monitor and expedite chart completion.
  • Ensure security of patient information and system functions via passwords and the assignment of rights.
  • Have confidence that client records are well-controlled, up-to-date, and accountable.

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Chart Tracking


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Our nurses have bought into it. Regardless of how good a system is, if the nurses don't buy in, it won't work. They see the Momentum system significantly enhancing our quality of care.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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