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Standardized Healthcare Assessment Software

AMS Overview

Improve Care With Web-Based Healthcare Assessments

Web-Based and Interoperable To Better Serve Clients

Standardized healthcare assessments have been a core part of​ our healthcare applications, since our inception in 1995. Momentum AMS, is a software application that allows healthcare providers to easily manage and administer healthcare assessments, enhancing the decision making and care planning ability of healthcare practitioners. 

Momentum AMS is compatible with virtually every healthcare assessment in use today. We can even accommodate custom and niche assessments to suit the needs of your organization and clients.

Momentum AMS happens to be one of the most dynamic healthcare assessment applications in the world. We have successfully deployed our application across regional, provincial, and national healthcare systems​. 

​Whether you have a particular assessment in mind, or are looking for a new assessment, we have a solution for you!

Better Organize Your Data

One Centralized Database For Hosting Client Data

With a centralized database, all assessment and client data is stored in one location. Our web based application allows multiple users to collaborate on client files, access client data from any location with an internet connection, and can even check-out files for offline use. 

With Momentum AMS, client data is organically organized via Momentum's application structure and best practices. Staff can easily view each client's completed and outstanding assessments, and run customized reports on each client. The days of managing, organizing, and misplacing  paper copies are gone.

Our interoperable framework allows for integration with other applications. This allows authorized users to share structured and summary assessment data, through your existing software infrastructure.

Easily Administer Assessments

Centrally Stored Data, And Portable Assessments

Increase staff efficiency by removing barriers from their daily tasks. Momentum AMS streamlines the assessment process making it easier for staff to administer, score, and track any standardized assessment. With added mobility, staff can even use Momentum AMS on tablets and laptops in the community to better extend your program's reach.

Complete Interoperability

Interoperable Assessment Management System

Benefits of Using Momentum AMS

Understand Client Demographic and Resource Requirements Through Real-Time Data Analytics

Easily Communicate With Your Enterprise, specific to disciplines, organizations, or staff

Leverage Your Competitive Advantage With Software That Adapts To Your Processes

Mobile Friendly & Offline Functionality To Extend Reach In The Community

Optimize Staff's Efficiency Through The To-Do Dashboard

World Class Training & Support To Ensure You Get The Most Out Of Our System

Any Assessment, In The Same System

Our Assessments Cover

Acute Care

Child & Youth

Developmental Disabilities

Family and Care Giver Assessment

Home & Community Care

Long Term Care

Mental Health

Palliative Care

Primary Care

Quality of Life

Self Administered


Our Popular Assessments

InterRAI Assessments

interRAI Integrated Suite of Assessments

The interRAI Integrated Suite of Assessments, is a versatile collection of integrated assessment instruments that apply to all facets of the healthcare industry.

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LOCUS & CALOCUS Assessment

LOCUS & CALOCUS Assessments

The Level of Care Utilization System assessment helps healthcare providers determine the needs of individuals with mental health illness.

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Niche Assessment MDS

Other Assessments

Momentum AMS Is an extremely versatile software application that can accommodate virtually every healthcare assessment available today.

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