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As a CEO, you care about maximizing value and minimizing risk for each stakeholder in your organization. You are motivated by the care you provide to your healthcare clients.

At Momentum our solutions are built to ensure that your organization is:

  • Accurately assessing their healthcare status
  • Correctly identifying the risks presented by their situation
  • Appropriately planning their care
  • Effectively delivering the care plan

We recognize that your greatest asset is the team of care providers who actually assess, plan, and deliver the care and attention to your clients. In order to support their ability to deliver care effectively and efficiently, Momentum’s solutions enable them to:

  • Make informed clinical decisions informed by research-based decision support tools
  • Conveniently access teammates for assistance when it is required
  • Easily locate the necessary tools to safely and efficiently deliver care in any situation
  • Celebrate the effective achievement of care plan goals
  • Quickly identify changes in care requirements and respond appropriately

Momentum’s products also help you maintain accountability to the financial stakeholders of your organization and provide care and support to your clients within a financially sustainable model. In areas of cost and risk you want to be confident that you are always tuning your organization to maximize the effectiveness of every dollar you spend.

  • You want to know if your staffing levels are appropriate for the workload
  • You want to know how your quality of care compares with your peers
  • You want to know that you are diligently responding to unforeseen incidents

Momentum’s solutions enable you to have the tools to systematically plan, measure, and evaluate the care you deliver and the strategies you implement so that you are always learning and improving.

Momentum Solutions:


Momentum Assessment Management System

Designed to deploy a standard assessment across your organization to ensure standardized data collection and recording and comprehensive reporting allowing the monitoring of trends and overall outcome achievement.
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Momentum ​EHR

Designed to monitor, record, and report on the Clinical needs of your clients. Includes: Demographics, Care Planning, Activities of Daily Living, Medication, Progress Notes, Document Management, Reporting, and more…
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Momentum in Motion (RTLS)

Designed to provide the utmost level of safety and security for your residents by monitoring their location in real-time. Includes: wireless nurse call, resident elopement monitoring, resident and staff tracking, staff duress, resident-staff interaction monitoring, and more…
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