Momentum EHR

Web-Based Care Management Software for Large Organizations, Provinces/States, and National Health Systems

Improve Care Delivery With Momentum EHR

Client Information At Your Fingertips, Instantly

Since 1995, Momentum Healthware has been continually trusted by entire Provinces, States, and Countries. Momentum EHR is our flagship software application. Our application is a web-based electronic health record software application that streamlines care delivery for government health authorities and large enterprise organizations. Momentum EHR includes the tools and functionality to easily manage, assess, monitor, plan, and document client care.  Currently available in both English and French, our software is also designed to support additional languages as requested.

Mobile Friendly

Portable Health Records For POC or Community Care

Whether caring for clients in the community or in a facility, staff always have access to client data with Momentum EHR. Our software application is portable and versatile. It can be used on desktop computers, laptops, point of care kiosks, tablets, and anywhere care delivery is required.

Built For Social Care & Healthcare Settings

Software Compatible With Every Care Sector

Momentum EHR is a versatile application designed to meet the requirements of Residential Care Campuses, Home & Community Care Programs, Community Mental Health & Addictions Programs, Crisis Mental Health Programs, and Public Health Programs. 

Momentum EHR can be configured to meet the needs of any care organization or program, without massive set-up costs.

Standardized Assessments

Easily Administer & Track Standardized Assessments

In addition to managing health records and improving care, Momentum EHR is also an excellent assessment management system and integrates with virtually every standardized healthcare assessment available today. Care Teams can easily administer and score any assessment, and link it to a client's profile for long-term tracking.

Whether you have a particular assessment in mind, or are looking for a new assessment, we have a solution for you!

Software For Your Care Sector

Residential Care Software

Residential Care

For government agencies and organizations that provide short and long term care in a staffed facility or campus

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Home And Community Care Software

Home &
Community Care

For programs that provide health care services to clients at home, to promote successful community living

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Community Mental Health & Addictions Software

Community Mental Health & Addiction

For agencies and organizations that provide mental health and addiction (drug, alcohol, gambling) services to clients in the community

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Public Health Software

Public Health

Configurable to serve a multitude of public health progrms and other specific programs, such as: Healthy Parenting and Early Childhood Development

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