i am a… government policy maker

As a representative of the taxpayer, you care about being an effective steward of their resources. Governments are entrusted with financial resources and legislative authority by their constituency in order to coordinate the effective delivery of essential services to that constituency. As the ultimate funder of healthcare services, your policies are designed to encourage and incentivize organizations which deliver effectively against your objectives and to evaluate, monitor and respond to situations which are counterproductive.

Momentum has designed our solutions to allow you to effectively manage your role. We provided data you can trust to analyze your population’s healthcare outcomes in many ways:

  • Normalize your population against a baseline of comparable populations
  • Rapidly identify and project changes within the makeup of your population
  • Accurately evaluate the effectiveness of healthcare programs and policies
  • Easily test proposed policies within historical data repositories

Momentum’s solutions enable you to have the tools to systematically plan, measure, and evaluate the care you deliver and the strategies you implement so that you are always learning and improving.

Momentum Solutions:


Momentum Assessment Management System

Designed to deploy a standard assessment across your organization to ensure standardized data collection and recording and comprehensive reporting allowing the monitoring of trends and overall outcome achievement.
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Momentum ​EHR

Designed to monitor, record, and report on the Clinical needs of your clients. Includes: Demographics, Care Planning, Activities of Daily Living, Medication, Progress Notes, Document Management, Reporting, and more…
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Momentum in Motion (RTLS)

Designed to provide the utmost level of safety and security for your residents by monitoring their location in real-time. Includes: wireless nurse call, resident elopement monitoring, resident and staff tracking, staff duress, resident-staff interaction monitoring, and more…
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