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Web-Based Care Management Software for Large Organizations, Provinces/States, and National Health Systems

Software For Home & Community Care

Momentum EHR is care management software that promotes successful community living. Our application is built specifically for government agencies, programs, and organizations that provide health care services to clients at home in the community. The software can be easily and cost effectively modified by adding or removing modules to streamline care delivery in the community. 

Modern Software For Modern Care

Switch to smart software that boost's your care team's ability to deliver and document care. Momentum EHR is web based and interoperable software that conforms to your workflow. Being web-based, Momentum EHR can be accessed from any computer or tablet with an internet connection. Users can even check-out client files for use of the software offline, when tending to clients in the community.

Momentum EHR Features

Multilingual Software

Demographic & Census

Progress Notes

Organization Announcements

Assessment & Form Builder

Assessment Management

interRAI Assessments

Activity Tracking

Care & Service Planning

Client Monitoring

Client Relationships

Custom Report Designer

Data Analytics

Offline Use

Document Attachment

Eligibility Review

Equipment Management

Fall Tracking

Financial Reconciliation

Immunization History

Infection Tracking

Reporting & KPIs

Letter Generation

Management Dashboards

Medication Tracking

Message Centre

Referrals and Intake

Tuberculosis Testing History

Waitlist Management

Wound Management

Software For Your Care Sector

Residential Care Software

Residential Care

For government agencies and organizations that provide short and long term care in a staffed facility or campus

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Community Mental Health and Addiction Software

Community Mental Health & Addiction

For agencies and organizations that provide mental health and addiction (drug, alcohol, gambling) services to clients in the community

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Public Health Software

Public Health

Configurable to serve a multitude of public health progrms and other specific programs, such as: Healthy Parenting and Early Childhood Development

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