Reduce the risk of spreading infection in your facility

A New and Improved Wireless Nurse Call System

Momentum’s RTLS In Motion is a wireless nurse call system that provides 100% accurate location tracking on your residents, staff and equipment. Our system is different than anything seen before due to precise automatic updates every 3 seconds. The unique system also documents detailed reports to understand each resident’s location history and staff efficiency.

The RTLS In Motion system provides great benefits in tracking, controlling and eliminating the risk of spreading infection in your facility. From monitoring contact tracing, isolation rules to ensuring proper social distancing rules are being followed, RTLS In Motion ensures the overall health and well-being of your facility remain a number one priority.

Contact Tracing

Once a person has a confirmed infection, use our infection control report to provide full contact tracing history.  The infection control report will show where the resident has been, who they have interacted with, and for how long the interaction occurred.  Within seconds, have a full history of contact, allowing you to understand who else might be at risk of contracting the same infection.

Isolation Rules

Use our system to enforce strict isolation rules for an infected individual.  The RTLS In Motion system will alert you if the infected resident leaves their suite.  Alerts can also be programmed if another resident enters the suite unknowingly.  Staff will receive reminder messages to wear full PPE when they enter the suite.  By leveraging the speed and accuracy of our location, you can ensure that isolation rules and procedures are adhered to.

Limiting Social Interactions

Parameters for common areas can be setup in our RTLS In Motion system. The system will automatically monitor how many people are in a common area space, and can alert/report back if social distancing measures and/or limits to groups of people are not maintained.

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