RTLS IN MOTION For Memory Care

From specialized Memory Care Communities to individual resident needs within Independent Living, RTLS In Motion has features specific to memory care environments. Our solution keeps your residents safe through wander alerting, proximity alerts, door controls, and inactivity alerts.

Wander Alerting and Door Controls

Through the use of door and elevator controls, RTLS In Motion protects wander prone residents from leaving the safety of staff monitored areas. When a wander-risk resident nears an exit, the system will automatically lock the door or elevator car, and notify the care team. This allows residents to be politely re-directed before they are presented with an opportunity to leave the security of the campus. Should a resident need to exit the facility, our escort feature allows staff to seamlessly accompany a resident out of a building, without any alerts or automatic locks.

RTLS In Motion also manages wander-risk residents within the safety of a monitored community. Staff will receive alerts if a confused resident enters the wrong resident suite, a restricted room, stairwell, or any other off limit area. /_uploads/images/Wander-Alerting-and-door-controls.jpg

Reporting on Individual Residents

Since RTLS In Motion tracks residents and staff, and keeps historical records, the system can provide level of care reports. RTLS In Motion’s system provides a detailed summary of how many minutes a nurse or healthcare aide has spent with each resident, and how frequently a resident requires assistance. Month-to-month analysis can often show the level of care and demand for a given resident has increased, thereby prompting a review of the resident’s Care Plan, discussion with the family, or reimbursement review.

It is an unfortunate reality that many memory care patients cannot recall day-to-day events; when families check in on their loved ones, there can be little to no recollection and it is easy for families to assume that their loved ones are being neglected. With RTLS In Motion, memory care campuses can increase resident families’ satisfaction, by sharing reports that show the resident is participating in activities, receiving help and care, and attending regular meals. /_uploads/images/Reporting on Individual Residents-01.png

Other Features Specific to Memory Care

RTLS In Motion facilitates better care for memory care residents. Our standard resident tags have a single help button that alerts staff when pressed. For memory care residents, we use pendants without a button, that are used primarily to track location and level of care. Our memory care pendants offer tamper-proof features that prevent their removal, thereby furthering the safety and security of the resident.