Wireless Nurse Call System

Nurse call systems consisting of bulky and unsightly hard-wired equipment, noisy intercoms, and text pagers are a thing of the past. Our wireless nurse call system, RTLS In Motion, is a non-invasive and easy to install solution that increases nurse call coverage from 2% to 100% of a facility. Residents and staff can request assistance from anywhere in a facility using the call button on a wireless pendant. Instant alerts are sent to the care team’s mobile devices and nurse stations, and includes details such as who requested help, where they are located, and the time of a call. The details of each event are automatically recorded in the history log (call frequency, response time, etc.), where administration can later run reports. /_uploads/images/Wireless Nurse Call System.jpg

Nurse Call Pendants

RTLS In Motion uses two types of nurse call pendants – resident pendants, and staff badges. Resident pendants transmit location data, and have a “bump resistant” help button. Each pendant is assigned to a specific resident, and has a unique profile in the system. The system tracks the resident’s location as they move throughout the facility, and records any events that are related to the pendant (button pushes, attendance to activities, etc.). Staff badges are a 3-button pendant that track location, can call for help (staff duress), escalate a call, and cancel a call. Like the resident pendants, the location and event history of staff badges are logged in the system. Both of our nurse call pendants are extremely functional, water resistant, and can communicate through several layers of clothing. The main differentiators of RTLS In Motion is the accuracy and reliability of our system. Since our wireless technology does not cross through walls or in to neighboring rooms, it provides staff with the exact location of a resident, not an approximate location. /_uploads/images/Nurse Call Pendants.jpg

Pullcord Stations

As an extra safety measure, and to meet regulations, RTLS In Motion has an advanced wireless pullcord device. Because of its limited reach, pullcords are not effective as a stand-alone system; but, when paired with our wireless pendants, the wireless pullcord stations add an extra layer of safety. Unlike traditional wired pullcords, our wireless pullcord device can be placed anywhere on campus, making your community safer. The wireless pullcord can be placed in bathroom areas, at resident bedsides, or in common areas – all without running a wire to each device. /_uploads/images/Wireless-Pullcord.jpg

System Peripherals

Since no two care campuses have the same needs, each system we build for our clients is a customized solution. We have a variety of optional features that range from check-in buttons, pressure sensors, and call lights, to door locks, elevator controllers, equipment tags, and temperature sensors. /_uploads/images/System-Peripherals.jpg

Proactive Alerting

With the accuracy of RTLS In Motion, we are able to use proximity triggers that allows the system to recognize different events. When a wireless pendant enters close proximity with another pendant or device, the system is able to use pre-defined rules to proactively alert staff if an event is triggered. The proactive alerting allows staff to intercept residents before problems can occur. Some of our most useful proactive alerts include: if a resident has been inactive in their room or bathroom for too long, if a resident has missed consecutive meals, if two problematic residents are getting too close, if someone is removing equipment from campus, or if a memory care resident is in the wrong room or nearing an exit. RTLS In Motion is configurable to meet your campus’ needs! /_uploads/images/Proactive-Alerting.jpg