RTLS IN MOTION ​For Senior Care

RTLS In Motion is an excellent nurse call system for senior care campuses, as it is non-invasive and discrete, yet extremely functional and accurate. Our system uses ergonomic resident pendants that can be worn around the neck or wrist. When a resident requires help (could be an emergency, or a basic request for assistance) all they are required to do is press the button on their pendant; this alerts staff, on their mobile device, and displays the resident’s name, location, and time of call.

Resident Freedom

RTLS In Motion provides residents with more freedom than conventional nurse call systems. Our emergency call pendant is designed to be worn by residents at all times, providing them with constant access to help. Residents can ask for help from virtually anywhere on campus, while having a staff member tend to their exact location. This allows residents to be safely monitored from a distance, with less interruptions, which provides them with an element of freedom not available before. RTLS In Motion uses proactive monitoring, and alerts staff to potential issues before they occur. Each campus can set its own alerts to decide which actions notify staff. An alert might be triggered if a set number of hours pass without a resident leaving their room, if a resident is absent from a single or consecutive meal, or if a resident is in a stairwell for too long. An alert would prompt staff to visit the resident to ensure their wellbeing. /_uploads/images/Resident-Freedom.jpg

Level of Care Reports

Since RTLS In Motion tracks residents and staff, and keeps historical records, the system can produce a level of care report. The system provides a detailed summary of how many minutes a nurse or healthcare aide have spent with each resident, and how frequently a resident requires assistance. Month-to-month analysis can often show that the level of care and demand for a given resident has increased, thereby prompting a review of the resident’s Care Plan, discussion with the family, or reimbursement review. /_uploads/images/Level-Of-Care-Reports.jpg

Operational Performance

Have you ever wanted to improve the processes and efficiencies of your care facility? RTLS In Motion can help! Our system allows your staff to focus on providing care and be more productive. The RTLS In Motion App keeps staff connected while away from nurse stations, allowing them to be away from a desk completing tasks, without having to worry about missing alerts. With the added benefit of location tracking, staff can quickly find any person or piece of equipment – no more campus wide searches for items or people!

Our reporting feature allows administrators and managers to track metrics such as response times, location history, equipment usage, which can be used to set performance targets.

The location history of each resident’s activities helps to care teams understand how active (or inactive) each resident has been. Your staff can easily track resident’s meal attendance, participation in activities, and appointment attendance. All of these metrics are great when assessing care plans for each resident, hosting family conferences, and reviewing resident level of care funding plans. /_uploads/images/Operational-Performance.jpg