How It Works

RTLS In Motion is a Wireless Nurse Call System with Real-Time Location Tracking. The system is compiled of powerful software, and a network of environment sensors and tracking tags. Tracking tags are assigned to either staff, residents, or equipment (lifts, wheelchairs, etc...), and have a unique profile within the software. As residents, staff, or equipment move throughout the facility, the environment sensors pick up their location and status, and the wireless device sends an update to the software, where a location history log is kept. If an event happens - such as a resident pushing the help button on their pendant - the system instantly sends an alert to the appropriate staff, and records the time and location of the call. /_uploads/images/RTLS-Display-board-map-with-images-2.jpg

Using the location history and event log, the RTLS In Motion software organizes this data to produces reports. Our reports can facilitate continuous improvement activities, help evaluate residents level of care and needs, and can be shared with resident’s families during meetings. Momentum’s software platform is capable of receiving location information from a wide variety of hardware location technologies and vendors. This ensures that the software investment made in Momentum is future-proof and capable of incorporating the latest RTLS sensing technologies as they evolve and come to market.


The preferred hardware technology for RTLS In Motion is Gen2IR (2nd Generation Infrared). The advantage to Gen2IR over different technologies, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, is the extreme accuracy and low power consumption. Technology like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth travel through walls and ceilings, and do not allow for room level accuracy. Instead, these other technologies are only capable of providing an approximate location of devices, through calculated guessing. Gen2IR infrared light does not travel through walls, ceilings, or doors, but can travel through clothing, blankets, and curtains. this allows room level accuracy to be achieved, since a sensor can only pick up the signal of a pendant if it is in the same room. With the precision of Gen2IR, RTLS In Motion can deliver accurate room-level tracking not available with other technologies. /_uploads/images/How-it-works-diagram.jpg

Benefits of Accurate Location Tracking

Given the precision and accuracy of RTLS In Motion’s location tracking, we are able to deliver benefits to senior care communities that are only achievable with our system. Many of the benefits revolve around proximity, as the system uses proximity triggers to recognize different events. Proximity triggers reduce workloads for staff by automatically answering distress calls, and by alerting staff before conflict residents interact or wander into off-limit areas. Another benefit of location tracking, is through empowering staff with the location of every person and piece of equipment in a facility; this immediately improves efficiency by eliminating the need to search for people and equipment. RTLS In Motion also has an integrated equipment management feature that allows staff to request maintenance and cleaning on equipment, see the maintenance or cleanliness status of equipment, and track equipment usage to determine inventory levels. Location history reports help administrators track information on staff response times, resident activity, resident level of care, infection control, and more. /_uploads/images/Accurate-Location-Tracking.jpg

Easy Installation, Easy Integration

Our RTLS In Motion solution is easy to install and is not physically invasive to your campus. Most of our devices operate on long-life batteries, and do not require wiring or conduit to be run through walls and ceiling areas. Given this, RTLS In Motion is an ideal choice for retrofit installations as installation is quick and non-disruptive to your residents. For new construction, there is significant cost savings available by eliminating wiring and conduit infrastructure. We provide a complete turnkey solution that includes the hardware, software, installation, support, and training services. /_uploads/images/Feb-2017-NC-Easy-Install.jpg