interRAI Integrated Suite of Assessments

Momentum AMS Offers One Of The Most Comprehensive interRAI Solutions Available Today

interRAI Assessments

Since our inception in 1995, interRAI assessments have been a core part of our applications. Today, we offer one of the worlds most dynamic and complete interRAI applications, through Momentum AMS.

interRAI Integrated Suite of Assessments identify the needs of individuals with illness or disabilities through specific assessment instruments. interRAI instruments are built on a core set of assessment criteria that are important in all care settings. The common items are assessed the same, regardless of the assessment application. Additional assessment criteria is then added to the common items and are specific to a particular illness, disability, or care setting.

Popular interRAI Assessments

interRAI Acute Care – Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment system

interRAI Acute Care assessment system

interRAI Brief Mental Health Screener

interRAI Child & Youth Mental Health assessment system

interRAI Child & Youth Mental Health Developmental Disabilities assessment system

interRAI Community Health Assessment system

interRAI Community Mental Health assessment system

interRAI Contact Assessment

interRAI Emergency Department Contact Assessment

interRAI Emergency Psychiatric Screener

interRAI Family & Caregiver Needs Assessment

interRAI Home Care assessment system

interRAI Intellectual Disability assessment system

interRAI Long Term Care Facility assessment system

interRAI Mental Health (Inpatient) assessment system

interRAI Palliative Care assessment system

interRAI Pediatric Home Care assessment system

interRAI Post-Acute Care Rehabilitation assessment system

interRAI Preliminary Screener

interRAI Quality of Life Surveys

interRAI Wellness

interRAI Assessments
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We Provide interRAI Assessments For:

Primary Care

Acute Care

Mental Health

Home & Community Care

Long Term Care

Child & Youth

Quality of Life

Self Administered

Developmental Disabilities


Palliative Care

Care Giver Assessment

Other Standardized Assessments

LOCUS & CALOCUS Assessments

The Level of Care Utilization System assessment helps healthcare providers determine the needs of individuals with mental health illness.

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Niche Assessment MDS

Other Assessments

Momentum AMS Is an extremely versatile software application that can accommodate virtually every healthcare assessment available today.

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AMS Overview

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