Life Safety - Nurse Call System

RTLS In Motion is a Wireless Nurse Call System With Real-Time Location Tracking and Life Safety Features

Life Safety For Residents

Provide residents with help from anywhere on campus with wireless nurse call pendants.

Life Safety For Staff

Wireless staff badges allow staff to call for help or escalate a help call from anywhere on campus.

Full Campus Visibility

Full campus visibility allows staff to proactively react to situations with residents, before they have a chance to occur.

Life Safety For Residents

With RTLS In Motion, Help Is Always Within Reach

RTLS In Motion takes life safety devices to the next level. Our wireless nurse call system provides residents with access to help from anywhere on campus. Whether a resident is in their room, in a public washroom, in an activity room, or in a middle of a corridor, their personal pendant provides them with a means to request help and notify staff of their precise location.

Life Safety For Staff

Built-in Staff Emergency Duress Features

Staff members use their staff cards as their personal emergency system as well.  This allows staff to request assistance should they be in a potentially harmful scenario, decide to escalate a resident emergency situation, or use their secondary button to request co-worker assistance for non-emergency situations.

Full Campus Visibility

Don’t Wait for Emergencies to Occur

Because our solution provides 100% room level accuracy, our powerful rules engine proactively alerts Staff to potential situations before they arise.  Don’t wait for an emergency to occur – address the situation before it occurs. Understand at all times where your residents are, if they are in areas they shouldn’t be in, or if they have not been active for a prolonged period of time.

RTLS In Motion

RTLS In Motion is a smart nurse call system, that helps senior care campuses improve resident safety and improve the overall level of care.

Other RTLS In Motion Features

Life Safety

Provide a safer environment for residents and staff with RTLS In Motion. Wireless pendants provide seamless access to help, from anywhere on campus. When an alert is triggered, staff receive a notification with who called for help, and their exact location on campus.

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Wander Management & Elopement Control

Prevent and better control resident wandering and elopement with RTLS in Motion. Our real-time location tracking system provides staff with smart alerts, allowing staff to intervene before accidents have a chance to happen.

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The Power of Real-Time Location Tracking

Take your campus to the next level with high-precision location tracking. Staff can instantly find any resident to provide timely care. The system logs location history, allowing for more accurate evaluations of resident care, and is useful for family conferences.

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Mobile Alerting

RTLS In Motion integrates with the latest mobile devices from Apple to maximize our system's mobility. By having alerts sent directly to staff on their mobile device, our system boots productivity, safety, and complies with the latest legislation.

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Reporting & Analytics

Whether you're looking to improve safety, save money, or implement a continuous improvement program, RTLS in motion can help administrators track metrics and better understand their operational metrics.

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System Components

Prevent medication spoilage, improve inventory, control infections, and much more with our many add-on system components. Whether your initiative is to better track equipment cleaning and maintenance, or controlling infections, we have a solution for you.

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