Level of Care Utilization System (LOCUS) 

Available With The Momentum AMS Software Application

Level Of Care Utilization System

The Level of Care Utilization System is a multifaceted healthcare assessment tool with numerous benefits for both clinical practice and patient flow.  The CALOCUS and LOCUS involves a clinician’s assessment through a screening interview of a client’s mental health and/or addiction need, across six dimensions of assessment.  The dimensions cover Risk, Functioning, Co-morbidity, Stress, Support, Treatment history and Engagement.  Once scored, the CALOCUS and LOCUS provide an accurate recommendation for the level of care a client should receive, by outlining the frequency and intensity of treatments/sessions.  The level of care recommendations produced are typically in alignment with well-established clinical pathways and best practice guidelines, and research has shown that trained clinicians highly rate this tool’s reliability. 

By providing a standard and consistent way to assess clients, the CALOCUS and LOCUS allows clinicians to accurately measure the current needs of clients with mental health and addiction issues.  This common understanding of needs can also be used to provide a client with multiple services to choose from based on their current level of care recommendation. The CALOCUS and LOCUS is an excellent complement to evidence based practices such as shared decision making and stepped care.

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