​Momentum EHR​ Tools and Functionality

Convergence Platform was designed to accommodate the workflow of organizations, instead of organizations changing their workflow ​to accommodate the software. The system comes with hundreds of configurable reference data options in addition to a large number of application workflow options. Organizations requiring custom development can be accommodated easily and all without code split (which can be very costly). Momentum is proud to provide the following tools and functionality all delivered in a single unified and secure platform:

  • Case/Client/Resident Management
  • Assessment
  • Care Planning (Long Term Care)
  • Treatment and Visit Planning (Community Mental Health)
  • Service Planning (Community/Home Care)
  • Form Builder – Build user defined assessments without custom development
  • Interdisciplinary Progress Notes<
  • Patient Monitoring – Vital Signs, Weight, etc.
  • Physician Order and Medication Tracking
  • Wound Management
  • Addictions (Community Mental Health & Crisis Mental Health Programs)
  • Suicidal Behaviour (Community Mental Health & Crisis Mental Health Programs)
  • eDocs - Document attachment
  • Patient Level Analysis
  • Enterprise and Facility Level Analysis (DSS)
  • Incident Management
  • Adhoc Reporting
  • User Friendly interface
  • Highly configurable
  • Easy integration with 3rd Party applications

Architectural Tenets & Technical ​Info

Momentum’s architectural framework has been extremely well received in every market in which it has been installed. We have invested significantly in the foundational architecture which now has the capacity to support high levels of customization, configuration, and integration within the interoperable EHR strategy of our enterprise healthcare market. We have been uncompromising in our ongoing commitment to our five original architectural tenets and the resulting foundation is now highly leveraged as demonstrated by our recent project experience. 

  • Architectural Tenets
  • Built for Change
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Model Driven using UML
  • Built for Quality
  • Integrated Quality Assurance Framework
  • Built for Efficiency
  • Web based using Microsoft .Net C# MS-SQL
  • Single framework for all Momentum products
  • Built to Scale
  • Multi-tiered highly modular architecture
  • Supports Load Balanced Server Farms
  • Built to Integrate HL7 and XML Web Services compliant