Version 3.1 is now available!

Please note: our current customers are familiar with this software platform under the name Convergence Platform or CP, and for continuity we have referred to the software in this release statement by its original name, Convergence Platform.  To better reflect the software's capabilities and offerings, we have recently re-branded this software platform, and have changed the name to Momentum EHR. If you wish to explore our website further, please keep in mind that Convergence Platform is now referred to as Momentum EHR. This re-branding will not in any way effect our existing "Convergence Platform" customer base or the functionality of the software platform - you can expect to see future updates and access to our support/resources for years to come. 

Momentum Healthware is pleased to announce the release of version 3.1 for Convergence Platform. Please contact Momentum Healthware’s support department for the download link and associated documentation required for updating to version 3.1.   The below list includes many of the new features released since version 2.5. If you are interested in the complete list of added features and bug fixes, please review the release notes.

Convergence Platform Version 3.1 Compatibility Updates
Convergence Platform Version 3.1 is compatible with the following internet browsers:

  • Google Chrome 

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9-11

  • Microsoft Edge browser

  • Apple Safari browsers

Convergence Platform Version 3.1 is compatible with the following tablets:

  • iPads

  • Android devices

  • Microsoft Surface Pro tablets

Features and Functions New to Convergence Platform in Version 3.1

  • Activity and Attendance Tracking - Allows staff to quickly record a client’s attendance to activities, with the added ability to easily record the attendance of multiple residents to the same activity without having to enter each individual client record. [New for Home Care, Long Term Care, Community Mental Health, Healthy Parenting]

  • Addiction Tracking - Allows treatment providers to track a client’s addiction history using organization defined and configured content. [New for Community Mental Health]  

  • Care Planning - For organizations assessing residents using interRAI assessments, Clinical Assessment Protocol (CAP) information can be viewed at any point while developing a care plan, at the click of a button. CAPs can now be linked to care plan focuses.  [New for Long Term Care]

  • Custom Reporting Module- Using the new Custom Reporting module, you are now able to create the report(s) you need, as well publish the report directly into the Convergence Platform. The Custom Reporting module includes a feature-rich report designer utility that provides the functionality to design simple and sophisticated reports.  Using the intuitive wizards, users can build custom reports by selecting different data sources, creating queries, and designing layouts. Users have access to a wide variety of charts and tabular view components to build insightful reports and even key performance indicator graphical reports.  [New for Home Care, Long Term Care, Community Mental Health, Crisis Mental Health, Healthy Parenting]

  • Discontinue Assessment Status – The assessment management module has been enhanced to enable assessments (interRAI, Camberwell, etc.) to be marked as discontinued and later continued, if applicable. [New for Home Care, Long Term Care, Community Mental Health]

  • Document Attachment– Users can attach electronic documents such as diagnostic reports, external physician reports, signed consents, and images to the client’s electronic record. The electronic files are stored in the Convergence Platform SQL database, and are assigned an organization defined ‘type’ and ‘source’ at the time of attachment.   Any type of electronic file (PDF, DOC, JPG, WMV, XLS, etc.) can be attached, however the preferred format is PDF.  [New for Home Care, Long Term Care, and Healthy Parenting]

  • eCharting - Optimized for tablets, authorized staff can now ‘touch to chart' scheduled care plan interventions and other general client tasks on ‘To Do’ Lists.  Management and staff members are able to easily keep track of the remaining interventions and tasks scheduled to make sure all work is completed. [New for Long Term Care]

  • eMAR integration - Integration to the Catalyst oneMAR system, is now available through Convergence Platform Version 3.1. Catalyst oneMAR is the most widely used electronic medication administration record solution among residential care facilities. For information regarding the Catalyst oneMAR system and integration, please contact Momentum support or your account manager.  [New for Long Term Care]

  • Equipment Tracking - The Equipment Management module provides single site organizations, multi-site organizations, and government agencies the ability to manage equipment by tracking current location and client assignment.  By using the Equipment Management module, you will have a clear understanding of your equipment inventory, and availability, which minimizes administrative errors such as over purchasing.  [New for Home Care and Long Term Care]

  • Fall Tracking - The Fall Tracking feature allows staff to easily record and track information regarding your resident’s/client’s falls.  Fall Tracking includes a Fall Tracking report, Falls with/without injury key performance indicator, and a Fall Tracking data source, which can be used to create custom reports (with the new Custom Reporting module). [New for Home Care and Long Term Care]

  • Forgot Password - Forget your password? Users can now initiate a password reset using the new Forgot Password functionality.  [New for all Convergence Platform solutions]

  • Immunization History- Easily maintain accurate client immunization records using the new Immunization Management functionality.  This feature includes a fully configurable library of immunizations, and auto-calculation of expiration dates, which helps your team stay updated on client immunization records and re-immunization needs.  [New for Home Care and Long Term Care]

  • Infection Tracking - Track, monitor, and report on client infections using the new Infection tracking functionality.  This feature is highly configurable so your organization is able to capture pertinent information and create custom reports using the new Custom Reporting module. [New for Home Care and Long Term Care]

  • Information Recap Dashboard– The Information Recap Dashboard provides an overview of the ADT and Case Activity events (including deaths), completed interRAI Integrated Suite of Assessments outcome scales, and progress notes. This information provides an easy way to receive updates without having to access multiple client charts.  [New for Home Care and Long Term Care]

  • InterRAI Assessments– Momentum Healthware has the largest catalogue of interRAI Integrated Suite of Assessments available in English, and a basic collection in French.  From the Preliminary Screener to the Quality of Life Surveys, our assessments are ready to go.  (Please contact Momentum support or your account manager to learn more about accessing other interRAI instruments.)

  • Key Performance Indicators – Sometimes it just takes a simple chart, graphic, or table view of specific summary data to help you keep your organization, region, facility, or even unit on track.  Using the report designer utility, you are also able create Key Performance Indicators reports, which are important for monitoring your success. The following key performance indicator reports are being provided with this release: Average monthly census, Falls Injury Trending, interRAI Outcome Trend, interRAI Outcome Trend Comparison, and Wounds by type.  [New for all Convergence Platform solutions]

  • Message Centre - Allows users to send and receive messages securely within the application. [New for all Convergence Platform solutions]

  • One Tap Trending - Accessing and using your interRAI data has never been easier!  One tap trending for client Outcome Scales, Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs), and functional performance is now available. [New for Home Care and Long Term Care]

  • Organization Announcements– Administrators can effortlessly post announcements on employee’s Convergence Platform Version 3.1 Home Screen.   Announcements can be directed at all users, or specific discipline(s); one or more facilities; and can be configured to start and end on specific dates.  [New for all Convergence Platform solutions]

  • Reports – The following new reports are available. ADT Census Report, Chart Access, Client Advance Directive Report, Client Allergy Report, Client Contact Report, Client Safety Concerns Report, Connected Users Report, Falls Tracking History, Immunization reports (3), Infections Tracking History, Last Log On Report, Level of Care Report, Military Service Branch Report, Tuberculosis Testing reports (3), Weight and Vital Signs, Weight and Vital Signs Summary, Weight Change Indicators, Workers Safety Concerns Report.

  • Client Monitoring- Capture and trend more than just weight, height, and vital sign information.   The client monitoring functionality has been enhanced to allow your organization to easily add new components so the information important to your organization can be collected and easily trended.  [New for Home Care, Long Term Care, Community Mental Health, Crisis Mental Health]

  • To Do Dashboard - Displays interRAI integrated suite assessments that are past due, currently due, and that soon need to be completed.  This enables users, as well management, to keep track of their assessment completion schedule more efficiently through managing by exception. [New for Home Care and Long Term Care]

  • Suicidal Behaviour Tracking - Allows treatment providers to track a client’s suicidal behavior history using organization defined and configured content. [New for Community Mental Health]

  • Tuberculosis Test History- The new Tuberculosis Test History functionality provides an easy way to capture important information in addition to three reports making surveillance reporting simplistic. This highly configurable function also includes data sources, which can be used to create custom reports using the new Custom Reporting module.  [New for Home Care and Long Term Care]

  • Wound Management - Collect and trend clinical wound assessment data captured at the point of care using the enhanced Wound Management feature.  The Wound Management feature is highly configurable so can meet the unique needs of your organization but also easily adjust to changes in wound assessment practices. By using the Wound Management feature, your clinicians are finally able to capture a wound image and other information, such as: size of wound, evidence of healing, exudate, peri-wound assessment information, wound stage at time of assessment, pain, contributing factors, and current treatment provided.   Included with this feature is a Wound Management report in addition to a data source, which can be used to create custom reports using the new Custom Reporting module.  [New for Long Term Care]

Save time learning how to use and implement the new features available in Version 3.1 by contacting Momentum’s support department for training and implementation services.

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