RTLS And Care-Giving

Caregiving can be separated into two general categories: Caregiving via family relations and caregiving through a series of organizations and institutions through healthcare programs. In each category, the front-line actors involved perform the best possible job they can with the resources they have. Because caregiving tends to move from family relations to an organization/community level, concerns nonetheless remain: Is my loved one receiving the appropriate care? Are they safe? Where are they? Are they receiving enough care? Will someone be there if something happens?
Whether it is to address a particular need or to know that a resident is safe, knowing where residents are gives a peace of mind to administrators, loved ones and caregivers. In utilizing Momentum Healthware’s RTLS In Motion technology, we ensure that caregivers and/or residents are locatable throughout the Community, thus providing that peace of mind in real-time.

Approximately 31% of nursing home residents and up to 70% of community-dwelling senior adults with dementia wander at least once (Lai & Arthur, 2003). While knowing where your residents are helps alleviate the concerns related to wandering, RTLS technology provides an added layer of security. Through our alerting mechanisms, our product can inform staff immediately, thereby allowing staff to respond to the right place at the right time. Utilizing our low frequency technology, our RTLS In Motion solution can also be configured to automatically secure locations should residents attempt to access unauthorized areas. 

Many of us know how difficult of a job caregiving can be. It is time consuming, often stressful and extremely challenging in a myriad of ways. RTLS performs a number of different functions that give caregivers in your facility the ability to improve their workflows. How much time has Ms. Gifford spent in his room today? Why is Mr. Lee pacing through the halls? How come Mr. Friesen is in his room during recreation time? RTLS provides the ability to ask these questions, among others. RTLS can cut the time staff has to spend checking up on the status of rooms and residents. In fact, caregivers can further improve their workflow and monitor demands throughout the facility thus improving their productivity and reducing redundancy of tasks.