Nurse Call System Components

System Components Of Our Wireless Nurse Call System With Real-Time Location Tracking

How It Works

RTLS In Motion is a smart nurse call system, that helps senior care campuses improve resident safety, improve productivity, and improve the overall level of care. The base system is a server running our software, on site at your facility. With the system software up and running, you can then take a combination of the below components to create a custom solution for your facility.

Staff Duress BadgeNurse Call Pendant

Resident & Staff Wearables

Provide Staff & Residents With Instant Access To Help

Residents are given a wireless nurse call pendant with a call button, that they are to carry indefinitely. When assistance is required, all they are required to do is press the button on their pendant. When a button is pressed, a notification is instantaneously sent to all staff in the area, that tells them who needs help and where they are located. Different form factors are available to accommodate the needs of your population – from cut-proof Memory Care pendants to stylish wrist worn options.

Nurse Call Pull Cord

Pull-Cord Stations

Increase Campus Safety With Wireless Pull-Cords

Similar to traditional nurse call systems, we offer wall-mounted pull-cord stations.  Unlike traditional wired pull-cords, our wireless pull-cord device can be placed anywhere on campus, making room re-configurations possible. The wireless pull-cord can be placed in bathroom areas, at resident bedsides, or in common areas – all without running a wire to each device.

Nurse Call Check In Button

Check-In Stations

Resident Safety Without Invading Privacy & Space

Our wall-mounted Check-In Stations allow your Independent Living or Assisted Living residents to check-in daily to the system, and confirm to the Care Team that they are active and well.  Use this feature to have an automated and recorded check-in for your resident population, and ensure staff are only following up with those needed for the day.

Medication Temperature Sensor

Temperature Monitoring

Prevent Medication Spoilage

Our temperature monitoring solution eliminates the need for physical temperature checks of your food, medication and vaccine refrigerators.  The system polls the temperature every 20 minutes and will alert you immediately if the fridge is too hot/cold.  Temperature reports provide historical temperature logs for compliance requirements.

Nurse Call Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking

Automation That Tracks Equipment Usage & Location

By fixing an equipment tag to each piece of mobile equipment, staff can instantly locate any piece of equipment on campus. This serves as a cost saver by keeping inventory levels down and is a time saver by eliminating the need to search for equipment.  Equipment tracking can also act as a loss prevention system, by alerting staff is someone is exiting a building with a facility owned unit.  Lost equipment and high inventory levels are a problem of the past.

Nurse Call Corridor Light

Corridor Lights

Provide A Visual Aid To Staff

Multi-colored corridor lights can be installed outside of resident rooms to provide a visual indication that assistance has been requested from the room.  Furthermore, lights can illuminate according to the real-time location rules, such as nurse in room, HCA in room, resident in room, etc.

Wander Management Door & Elevator Guardian

Door & Elevator Guardian

Automation That Prevents Resident Wandering

Our wander prevention system uses smart technology to automatically detect when a wander prone resident is near an elevator or door. When an at-risk resident approaches a door or elevator, the system will lock the door/elevator and notify the Care Team.

Nurse Call Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensors

Smart Alerts That Notify Staff Via Pressure Sensors

Standard bed and chair pressure pads can be plugged into our system.  This eliminates the loud local alarm, which often only agitates the resident themselves, and instead converts the alarm to a discrete and directed alert to the appropriate Care Provider’s mobile device.

Nurse Call Door & Window sensor

Door & Window Contacts

Keep A Tab On Your Facility With Door & Window Sensors

Our system can alert when specific doors are open/closed in the building.  Notify your night staff if a rear entrance door is used in the night, if the boiler room door is opened, or if a resident patio window is left open in the Winter months.


RTLS In Motion is available in the French language! In addition to our nurse call system being fully bilingual, we also have a dedicated French-English bilingual support team to meet all of your needs.

Interested in our system, but with a different language? Our flexible software and highly talented developers can support any language. Contact us today!

RTLS In Motion

RTLS In Motion is a smart nurse call system, that helps senior care campuses improve resident safety and improve the overall level of care.

Other RTLS In Motion Features

Life Safety

Provide a safer environment for residents and staff with RTLS In Motion. Wireless pendants provide seamless access to help, from anywhere on campus. When an alert is triggered, staff receive a notification with who called for help, and their exact location on campus.

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Wander Management & Elopement Control

Prevent and better control resident wandering and elopement with RTLS in Motion. Our real-time location tracking system provides staff with smart alerts, allowing staff to intervene before accidents have a chance to happen.

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The Power of Real-Time Location Tracking

Take your campus to the next level with high-precision location tracking. Staff can instantly find any resident to provide timely care. The system logs location history, allowing for more accurate evaluations of resident care, and is useful for family conferences.

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Mobile Alerting

RTLS In Motion integrates with the latest mobile devices from Apple to maximize our system's mobility. By having alerts sent directly to staff on their mobile device, our system boots productivity, safety, and complies with the latest legislation.

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Reporting & Analytics

Whether you're looking to improve safety, save money, or implement a continuous improvement program, RTLS in motion can help administrators track metrics and better understand their operational metrics.

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System Components

Prevent medication spoilage, improve inventory, control infections, and much more with our many add-on system components. Whether your initiative is to better track equipment cleaning and maintenance, or controlling infections, we have a solution for you.

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