6 Ways RTLS In Motion Will Benefit Your Senior Care Campus

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RTLS In Motion is Momentum Healthware’s smart wireless nurse call system with location tracking. The system has features specific to Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care facilities – and can be configured to accommodate any set of the three on the same campus. If your senior care campus has an unsatisfactory system with critical pain points or are looking to upgrade your current system, we have set aside some key benefits that our system delivers.


1.       Calculate Your True Cost of Care

By using RTLS In Motion, senior care facilities can now calculate their true cost of care. Our system uses real-time location tracking to track the location of residents and staff as they move throughout the campus. Residents can request help using the button on their pendant and have a staff member tend to their exact location. The system then provides detailed reporting on the frequency residents request assistance, as well as how long staff spend with each resident. Managers can then understand their true cost of care. The reports can be used for operations activities, reimbursement reviews or for family meetings.

2.       Boost Resident Safety

By having RTLS in Motion installed at your facility, resident safety will be at an unparalleled high. Residents are fitted with a wireless nurse call pendant, that has a help button and tracks their location. When residents need help, all they need to do is press the button on their pendant and staff will receive an instant notification of the resident’s name and location. The system also provides staff with smart alerts that prompts staff to check on residents when it detects certain events. If the system detects a resident in a bathroom or high-risk area such as a stairwell for an extended length of time,it sends a prompt for staff to check on them. The system can also notify staff if residents are in the wrong room, if two conflict residents are within close proximity, and more. Staff are often quick to realize that the system is helpful with their workflow, and allows them to focus on caring for residents, which negates much of their paperwork and need to be chained to a nursing station.

3.       Improve Workflow & Efficiency

After implementation, administrators are often quick see the benefits RTLS In Motion has on staff’s overall workflow efficiency. Our smart wireless nurse call system has a mobile app that allows staff to directly receive alerts from anywhere on campus. This allows staff to focus on their rounds and tasks away from nurse stations, while having access to every alert. With the added benefit of having smart alerts, the system constantly monitors residents and is able to notify staff of potential incidents that staff can’t pick up on without invading privacy (such as resident in washroom in excess of 3 hours).

RTLS In Motion also eliminates inefficient travel and wandering, by allowing staff to quickly search for residents, staff, and equipment and see their location on a map in real-time. Additionally, management now have the benefit of having reports on staff location history and movement to support continuous improvement and time-motion activities.  

4.       Promote Resident Independence

Many of our clients strive to promote a home-like environment in their community. Our system provides residents with improved safety, without compromising privacy. Whether residents enjoy using the campus amenities or staying in their room, they will be protected by the RTLS in Motion system, as they will have access to help from anywhere on campus. This seamless access to help is delivered through the resident pendants. The pendants allows staff to monitor residents from afar, which is efficient and non-invasive. If the system detects an anomaly, it will send a proactive smart alert to staff, advising them to check on a specific resident. The system will monitor residents for events such as being in a stairwell or other high-risk area for an extended time, if a resident is mobile without a walker or cane, if a resident is up in the middle of the night, if they have been in their bathroom for too long, and much more.

5.       Prevent Medication Spoilage

RTLS In Motion has many add-on system components. One of the more commonly used add-ons is our temperature sensor. By placing a temperature sensor in a medication fridge, this will help prevent spoiled medication due to ajar doors and fridge malfunctions. When the temperature is detected outside of the pre-set temperature range, it alerts staff to the problem, allowing enough time to take corrective action and close the door, or if necessary, move medication before it spoils.

6.       Track Equipment & Usage

By fixing a tracking pendant to each piece of movable equipment, management can see how often each piece equipment is used,track maintenance and cleaning, and implement an official loss-prevention system. Staff will be able to quickly find equipment like lifts or wheelchairs, without wandering and searching. Management can have concrete information to better understand inventory levels, usage levels, preventing lost or stolen equipment.

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