Improve Processes In Senior Care Communities With RTLS In Motion

Nurse Call

Like any other business, senior care communities can benefit from improving processes and efficiencies. By adding a wireless nurse call system with Real-Time Location Tracking, senior care communities can increase efficiency, improve operational performance, track metrics, and much more. RTLS In Motion, our solution, helps senior care campuses see an immediate improvement in efficiency, and time savings. Every person and piece of equipment is identified on a map of the campus, allowing staff to quickly find people and items. If a resident requests help from their wireless nurse call pendant, staff will receive an alert with the resident’s information and their exact location – even if a resident isn’t in their room. When staff are away from the nursing station, our mobile friendly app will keep them connected. As a result, Care staff are directed to the precise location of the resident in need, and they can quickly ensure that the resident’s comfort and safety is maintained. 

Additionally, operational performance can be monitored and refined through RTLS In Motion's reporting feature. Management can monitor and track metrics, such as response times, location history, and equipment usage, and use the metrics to evaluate staff scheduling, resident demands, and staff effectiveness. The system also logs resident activity, such as attendance to entertainment, activities, and meals. Through these resident summary views, families can be assured that their loved one is being cared for while also being socially and physically engaged in activity programming. There are many additional benefits provided by having accurate and active location tracking in your Community – contact us to learn more! 

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