New Dawn Memory Care Uses RTLS In Motion To Support Specialized Dementia Care

Case Study

New Dawn Memory Care is a unique prototype of Communities specializing in Dementia Care. Each property provides a home-like environment with dignified care and supportive services, and employs the latest strategies to improve the lives of people living with dementia. They operate properties in Arizona, Colorado, and Virginia. New Dawn’s model provides three separate cottages within their campus. Each cottage is designed to provide a small interactive community for each resident. Courtyard and outdoor spaces surround each building, with interactive and engaging programming occurring inside each home. Given the unique needs of New Dawn’s residents, they sought to employ technologies to provide the utmost level of safety.


New Dawn chose to deploy Momentum’s In Motion RTLS product across each of their Communities. The solution was implemented to allow full location of each resident, as well as integrated door security to ensure that residents aren’t able to leave the household without an escort.


The Power of Location

The Momentum In Motion system is able to track and locate each and every resident in the Community via their personal pendant. The system provides highly accurate location information, allowing staff to understand when a resident is in their room, in a common area, or even out of the building. This allows staff to understand how much time residents are spending in each area, the effectiveness of their programming and activities, and how engaged the residents are. They are also able to have customized location-based rules for specific individuals. Resident movements in the middle of the night can prompt a caregiver to attend to their needs. Residents entering the wrong suite creates an alert for staff to re-direct them to the correct room. “There is nothing more important than the safety of our residents” says Rebecca Sturtz, VP of Operations. “Our ability to customize the system to each individual’s need and behaviors, and respond to situations before negative consequences can occur is a huge benefit”.

Resident Personal Pendants

The Resident’s pendant not only provides location information, but also provides a means of requesting assistance anywhere within the building. With the simple push of a button, staff receive a message on their mobile pagers with the resident’s name and current location. The result is an immediate staff response to the precise location of need, providing a superior level of services.

Door Security

Given the nature of the population they serve, door security and elopement management is a priority for New Dawn Memory Care. Momentum’s Door Guardian security monitors for wandering residents in the vicinity of the door. Residents that approach the door trigger the automated keypad to be disabled and magnetic lock to remain engaged, requiring that the resident be re-located prior to the door to allow egress. This eliminates the opportunity for a resident to leave the community without authorization, and also prevents residents following visitors to the community out of the door. The door devices also report when a resident is lingering at the doorway, allowing staff to re-locate the resident prior to any egress opportunity. The result is a safe and secure environment for the residents, and the risk of a wandering resident to be minimized.


New Dawn continues to introduce their model of innovative and specialized memory care to new communities in the United States. They have plans to grow their organization and build additional communities to serve the needs of residents. They are actively involved in the education and research of dementia and Alzheimer’s, and constantly innovating new programs to improve the lives of those living with this disease.


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