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Rocky Ridge Retirement Community is a retirement community supporting two offerings for seniors. In partnership with Alberta Health Services, a 29 room Supportive Living Level 4 (SL4-D) unit offers residents assessed by AHS as requiring a safe living environment, an opportunity to thrive under the care of LPN’s and Health Care Aide’s. The remaining 105 suites offer a luxurious independent apartment environment for retiree’s choosing to live a vibrant lifestyle, while having a multitude of services readily available.

To ensure that all residents who reside within Rocky Ridge a safe and caring experience, Signature Retirement Living wanted the highest level of offering when it comes to nursing response, and call bell systems. Peace-of-mind is what it’s all about for Rocky Ridge residents. Signature Retirement Living’s mission statement states that they wish to establish themselves as the leading purveyor of retirement lifestyles where their residents receive unmatched choice and an enviable level of service.


To support resident independence in the apartments, and to ensure timely response in all areas of the building, Rocky Ridge chose to be Alberta’s first implementation of the Momentum Real-Time Location software. This system involves the installation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Infrared (IR) monitors and infrastructure throughout the building. This state-of-the-art equipment communicates with RTLS badges worn by residents and staff. The software is then able to locate, the RTLS badges in real-time, with location published every 3 seconds.

A Discretely Installed RTLS In Motion Nurse Call System


Resident Safety

Residents have their own RTLS badge. This widely accepted badge has a large button on it to allow the resident to push for assistance anywhere in the building. A fall in a stairwell, or a choking incident in the dining room can bring the right level of aid very quickly with the simple push of a button. This button sends a call response to a mobile device carried by qualified professional care staff.  Not only does the mobile device display the residents (or staff members) name, it also provides the location! This results in response times and a level of service to those who wear the badges that is unmatched in other Retirement Residences to date.

“It offers true peace of mind to our residents, their family members, and the staff we employ”, says Executive Director, Lisa Wood. “Regular systems offer a push button or pull cord only within the living quarters. RTLS trumps this significantly in that it offers that same ‘tried and true technology’ with the plus of a GPS type system that allows you to have the security of knowing help can be on the way, no matter where you are in the building”. Lisa continues, “it is a level of safety that we take much pride in offering here, and it will definitely aid many in maintaining their independence even longer; which is exactly what our seniors want”.

“Now that I have seen the benefits of the RTLS system, I cannot imagine using a traditional call bell system again.”
- Lisa Wood, Executive Director
Resident Check-In

Each of the resident suites within the Community is equipped with a resident check-in button. This allows each resident to check-in with the Front Desk Concierge each morning, to indicate that they are doing well and do not wish to be disturbed. Alberta’s legislations require a census of residents at least once every 24 hours. Traditionally, this involves staff calling or visiting each and every resident - a task that would take hours to complete. “RTLS makes this task so much easier for our Concierge Staff.” says Lisa.

Resident Independence

The independence and freedom of Rocky Ridge Residents is of utmost importance.  Residents are encouraged to use the entire facility for their personal benefit, and take advantage of all available services and programs. With RTLS, residents are not only able to do this freely, but they are able to do this with peace of mind. Anywhere they go in the facility, they can press their personal RTLS badge and request assistance.

In addition to the wireless assistance requests, the system includes the passive surveillance of movements and activities throughout the building.  This proactive alerting ensures that residents are not put in a compromising situation and has staff attend to their needs prior to incidents. Examples include Resident movements outside of the Secure Area, or the re-direction of a resident whom has entered the wrong suite. “Actively monitoring resident or staff members, provides a level of safety that provides the management and the family members of these individuals a peace of mind that is exemplary.” states Lisa.

Attracting Potential Clients

Given the benefits RTLS provides the residents of Rocky Ridge, the Community has been proudly describing the solution to potential clients and residents within their marketing materials and facility tours. Being the first Community in Calgary to leverage the RTLS solution is proving to be a competitive advantage when comparing other Senior Living options.

The feedback from families has been overwhelmingly positive. Lisa states, “I have had family members, with tears in their eyes, thanking me for the quick response their loved one needed. In their words - “this is exactly why we wanted our mom here”.


Given the success of Rocky Ridge, Signature Retirement Living is looking to implement Momentum’s RTLS solution across their remaining group of Retirement Communities, so that they can offer the same level of resident safety and comfort to all of the residents that they serve.

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