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Symphony Senior Living is a chain of high-end retirement communities that strives to enhance and improve the lives of their residents. Each of Symphony's communities provides a safe, non-institutional, home-like environment with dignified care and supportive services.

Symphony’s care model includes different neighbourhoods throughout their community, with each specializing in different stages of care. Symphony offers a full continuum of care, enabling their residents to age in place, eliminating the need to relocate which reduces resident and family stress. Symphony required a wireless call system that also supported the safety and independence requirements of their resident population.

Symphony took advantage of the all-in-one approach of Momentum’s RTLS In Motion System, and deployed the solution across three of their communities. 

Symphony took advantage of the all-in-one approach of Momentum’s RTLS In Motion System, and deployed the solution across three of their communities. The solution included wireless call capabilities from wall station and pendant, resident location tracking, staff location tracking, and wander management security features. Momentum provided the full turn-key solution, including hardware, software, services, installation and support.

A Glimpse Into The Warm World Of Symphony Senior Living
Personal Resident Pendants

RTLS In Motion operates on an internal network of pendants and sensors. Symphony’s residents and staff wear pendants with unique identification codes, and the sensors locate the exact location of each person - Symphony has sensors on multiple floors throughout their monitored buildings. The RTLS In Motion system is controlled and monitored by a powerful software program that operates on computers, and any modern mobile phone or tablet.

The resident pendant is fitted with a help button, and provides each resident with a means of requesting assistance from anywhere on campus. With the simple push of the help button, Symphony staff are notified at a nursing station or on their mobile device, which resident called for help and their exact location. With RTLS In Motion, Symphony staff can immediately respond to the precise location of need, anywhere within their community, to provide a superior level of service.

Furthermore, since the system is actively monitoring the location of each resident, Symphony staff are notified if residents enter or are near an area of high incident risk, such as stairwells or exit doors. This proactive monitoring and alerting is a huge value-added benefit provided to the Symphony Care Team – they are able to respond to hazardous situations before they occur.

Resident Independence

Symphony strives to promote a home-like environment in each neighbourhood. This includes encouraging residents to freely move throughout the property, to use the many services and activities provided. However, there is also an obligation to ensure that all residents remain safe. As a result, the RTLS system is deployed in a manner that each Symphony resident has different rules and parameters in the RTLS In Motion system. Some resident pendants alert staff should they leave their floor or enter a stairwell. Other pendants alert only if certain residents have not returned to their neighbourhood after a prolonged period of time. This customized approach allows residents to enjoy full freedom and independence, while alerting staff of any situations that requires attention.

Level of Care

The RTLS system not only monitors the location of Symphony residents, but also the staff members. This allows the Symphony Care Team to understand, and track the interaction frequency and duration between staff and residents. Reviewing this data allows the Symphony Care Team to detect changes in care needs and demands, and could indicate a change in the health or happiness of a resident. Staffing levels can be adjusted to accommodate the changing resident demands, or additional education can be provided to staff if they are spending too much time doing specific activities or not enough time on others.

Family Conferences

Given the data and reports available through the RTLS software, Symphony is able to share important information with family members. Metrics such as personal pendant response times, attendance to activities, attendance to meals, and level of care interactions are all available during family care conferences to ensure that a customized and current care plan is in place. Families appreciate the ability to review the reports to gain an additional view into the health and happiness of their loved one, and have a better appreciation of the excellent care provided by the Symphony Team.

Symphony’s Future

To date, the RTLS solution is installed in three Symphony Senior Living properties. Symphony is actively reviewing the remainder of their properties for opportunities to replace the traditional safety and security systems with this state-of-the-art RTLS solution. Their goal is to have a consistent standard of excellence across all of their locations, and Momentum’s RTLS solution will support that goal.

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