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The success of a business can be linked back to the efficiency and quality of its operations. Senior Care Communities (SCC) are no different.

What are the benefits and risks related to Temperature Monitoring?

According to Los Angeles Times, you can be surprised without any notice with a full weekend or whole night without power:

"Officials say the utilities have so far failed to properly warn people with accessibility issues or who depend on life-sustaining medical equipment and refrigerated medications, nor have they given public safety officials and local health services agencies enough notice prior to “public safety power shutoffs” over the last year."

Managing your fridges and freezers is not only a big responsibility, but it also requires surveillance 24hrs. Spoiled food or medications are a serious matter, it can put the safety of a resident at risk. Also, the amount of time and money it would require to replace spoiled items would be very costly.

How does Temperature Monitoring work?

Implementing Momentum’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS) improves several operational processes, one of which is temperature monitoring. Our RTLS temperature monitoring system automatically tracks the temperature of the fridge or freezer and generates compliance log reports to ensure that the appliance (and in turn your medication and food) remains within a specified range. Staff will receive an alert immediately if the temperature of the fridge or freezer were to fall out of range.  This eliminates the manual temperature checks historically required, and allows staff to focus on what truly matters – the Residents.

Compliance Logs

Generating a compliance report for a specific time period is another benefit of our smart nurse call system. When surveys are conducted, accurate data must be provided in order to adhere to the guidelines outlined by the governing body. The ability to pull a report for any time period that is required, within minutes, is extremely valuable. It saves your community time and keeps everyone involved happy. The accuracy of these reports can be generated with a variance of 0.5 ˚C or less.

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