professional services

When you make the decision to implement Momentum Healthware solutions in your organization, you’re not just getting software—you’re tapping into years of industry-specific experience. Our consultants, trainers, and support specialists apply that experience to ensure you realize the maximum value from your investment in Momentum Healthware products.

Momentum products are designed, sold, implemented and supported by professionals with direct experience in healthcare. Our industry experts include trained nurses, and administrators. This enables our team to implement your solution with structured methodologies, best practices, and training that have been tempered by years of experience. This proven process is designed to allow our consultants to apply their experience to enhance your operations.

Our services are designed to minimize disruptions during implementation, and ultimately save you time and money. Our structured methodologies and Quick Start tools will reduce your implementation time and garner buy-in among your staff during the process. Likewise, our flexible training offerings will allow you to choose cost-effective options that match the learning styles of your staff members, and our support team is prepared to deliver timely answers to your staff. All of these benefits equate to productivity and financial gains. And we know you expect this from a leader.