river gardens retirement residence supports independent lifestyles with real-time location system



River Gardens Retirement Residence 100-bed assisted living facility in Stratford, Ontario focusing on resident-orientated living.


Building a new facility allowed River Gardens to investigate alternatives to traditional call and safety systems.


Real-Time Location System (RTLS)


The residents at River Gardens enjoy increased independence as they are able to experience the facility in complete safety, knowing that they are able to request assistance with the push of a button.

River Gardens
10 Romeo Street
Stratford, Ontario


River Gardens Retirement Residence is an Assisted Living facility located in Stratford, Ontario. Recently opened, the facility is proud to offer seniors a vibrant community in which to retire. During the construction phase of their facility, River Gardens was searching for a care staff call and resident safety solution that supported their goal of resident independence. They strongly encourage Residents to use all aspects of the facility, participate in activities, enjoy the indoor swimming pool, or one of the many outdoor gardens. This level of independence requires that Residents have a safety mechanism with them at all times, regardless of where or what they are participating in.


To support their resident independence while maintaining the highest level of safety, River Gardens chose Momentum’s Real-Time Location System (RTLS), Momentum in Motion. Momentum in Motion (RTLS) involves the installation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Infrared (IR) monitors and infrastructure throughout the campus. These location monitors communicate with RTLS badges that are worn by Residents and Staff members. The software is then able to locate these RTLS badges in real time, with location updates published every 3 seconds.


Resident Safety

Residents have their own personal RTLS badge. This badge has a large button on it, which allows the resident to push anywhere throughout the facility campus. When pressed, a request for assistance message is delivered immediately to the Care Team via mobile device. Not only does the message include the Resident’s name, but it also gives their precise location in the facility. This results in the Care Provider to responding to the specific resident’s location promptly - a level of service unmatched in many Retirement Residences.

“Our facility is large, and it is important that Residents can request help anywhere” says Cindy Mogk, Director of Care. “Residents can push their RTLS badge anywhere in the building, and Staff are sent the alert with their exact location.” This level of information allows the Care Team to respond immediately and directly to the precise room in the facility, or in the outdoor areas surrounding the Residence. Whether it is within the Resident’s suite, in the Dining Hall, in the middle of the hallway, or out enjoying the outdoor gardens, RTLS knows where the request originated. “It’s a level of safety we are proud to offer to our residents, and I feel it is helping people make the choice to live in our Residence” adds Mogk.

Resident Independence

The independence and freedom of River Garden’s Residents is of utmost importance. Residents are encouraged to use the entire facility for their personal benefit, and take advantage of all available services and programs. With RTLS, residents are not only able to do this freely, but they are able to do this with peace of mind. Anywhere they go in the facility, they can press their personal RTLS badge and request assistance. In addition to the wireless assistance requests, the system includes the passive surveillance of movements and activities throughout the building. This proactive alerting ensures that residents are not put in a compromising situation and has staff attend to their needs prior to incidents. Examples include Resident movements in the middle of the night, or activity in the pool area when it is closed.

“We are proud to offer a system that actively monitors their safety. This allows residents to enjoy their independence with a level of comfort, knowing that staff is able to attend to them in any situation” says Mike Garcia, General Manager of River Gardens.

Locating People and Equipment

Since the system is passively monitoring each individual location in the facility, staff is able to locate residents and co-workers immediately. The system is equipped with a map-view screen, which is essentially a living blueprint of the facility. The map is updated in real time, as people and equipment move about the facility. This allows staff to immediately locate a particular person, whether it be to speak with a co-worker or find a resident. The result is that Staff no longer need to search the hallways for a particular person, allowing them to spend their time providing care to residents.


Because the system is constantly monitoring location updates, it also tracks interactions and durations in particular areas. “We are excited about the data that RTLS is collecting” says Garcia. “We plan to use this data to understand the level of care our residents require, preferences and attendance to activities, and resident movement patterns”. This information will allow River Gardens to constantly improve and cater their services to the needs of their resident population.

“We are excited about the data that RTLS is collecting” says Garcia. “We plan to use this data to understand the level of care our residents require, preferences and attendance to activities, and resident movement patterns”