Wireless Nurse Call System With RTLS

RTLS In Motion is our advanced wireless nurse call system with real-time location tracking‚Äč, and can help your organization improve your overall level of care, resident safety, and efficiency. Wireless pendants allow residents to call for help from anywhere in your facility, and mobile friendly software allows your staff to receive alerts while away from their nurse station. RTLS In Motion provides healthcare organizations with a single system that streamlines resident/patient care, and improves operational performance. Our system will turn your facility into an advanced and safe environment, without creating extra work for your staff.
Momentum's RTLS In Motion system includes:
  • A wearable ergonomic nurse call tag, and staff duress tag that is always within reach
  • Instant location tracking of people and objects with 100% accuracy, across multiple floors, displayed on an easy to read map of your site
  • A wander management application with customizable parameters, and alerts such as: room enter, room exit, close proximity to conflict residents, and more
  • Automated recording and reporting of resident/patient activities, staff response times and duration of care, resident/patient and staff locations, distress calls, and many other metrics.