The Momentum Difference

the momentum difference

As you evaluate a technology partner, you may face a myriad of choices and a sea of information​. But, how do you sift through the clutter to determine which company could be​ your next partner?

At Momentum Healthware, we encourage you to test our mettle. ​We believe you will find clarity by answering the question, “does this company really excel at the things that are important to me?”

At Momentum, that question is resolved every day in moments of truth with our clients. Everything we do ​emanates from the essence of our mission to “promote a superior quality of care” for you.

“To serve our healthcare clients with exceptional software and professional services to promote a superior quality of care”

If a mission is real within an organization, it must be evident in virtually every employee, action, product, service, and client. Consider the evidence at Momentum and see if this team excels at the important things for you.

People, Product, and Service Leadership

Great companies begin with great people. At Momentum we hire and retain our team members based upon two primary criteria – values and competency. Our culture is grounded in Service, Integrity, Dignity, Innovation, Excellence, and Community. These values are the essence of our high-performing team, and the bedrock to our enduring client partnerships.

Our professional team is mature and competent. This is vital to you during implementations, when issues arise, and as industry and regulatory changes emerge. Our client consultants are hired from the field of experience, bringing credentials as registered nurses, and facility administrators.

Exceptional software is a by-product of applied innovation. Our products are comprehensive, comply with regulatory standards, and integrate across the continuum of care. From over two decades of serving our healthcare clients, our products reflect the continuous improvement and development on our existing products. You can be assured that our software workflow and functionality will reflect the reality of your operations.

Service leadership. It’s easily said, but difficult to deliver. Again, test our mettle. Not only is service the action of our mission, but it’s a core Momentum value as well. Our team members go beyond expectations for our clients. If you would like evidence, call us to see how we respond to you, and then call our clients and gauge whether we really excel for them.

Clients Results

This is the best evidence for you. Whether it is a 30% reduction in charting time or a 10% reduction in food costs, we have real case studies to show you. Additionally, our clients will tell you about reduced cost of ownership with Momentum solutions that are based on Microsoft technologies, improved facility survey results, higher employee satisfaction, and enhanced marketability of their organizations. Please see the case studies on our website or call us for a client reference regarding the results that are important to you.

Stable and Trusted Advisor

It has been said that “strength is found in the company you keep”. Momentum provides such strength to you. As a privately held company, we have an unwavering focus on healthcare.

Our long-standing shareholders and financial partners are committed to Momentum and its mission, which again, is focused on you. We maintain industry and consultative partnerships to ensure that your products are compliant and prepared to address any changes the future may bring.

And Momentum has a deep relationship with the largest software company in the world – Microsoft. This partnership provides a wealth of benefits to you, including the most complete integration of healthcare products with your office and web productivity tools.

We could go on, but in reality only you know “what’s important to you” in a true partner. At Momentum Healthware we would welcome the opportunity to understand that better and answer any questions that you may offer. If we are not the best partner for your organization, we respect that decision. Until that decision is clear, we stand ready for the test!