Wander Management & Elopement Control

RTLS In Motion is Smart Nurse Call & Wander Management System Built For Senior Care Facilities Who Focus On Memory Care, Dementia Care, and Alzheimer's Care

Door & Elevator Control

Smart sensors detect when residents near an elevator or restricted door, and will both lock the door/elevator and notify staff.

Resident Wander Alerting

Smart alerts notify staff when residents are approaching stairs, exits, or enter off limit areas (such as other residents rooms).

Powerful Reporting

Managers can run reports based on staff, resident, and equipment location, calculate their true cost of care and more.

Door & Elevator Control

Prevent Egress through Exit Doors & Elevators

Through the use of door locks and elevator controls, RTLS In Motion is an elopement control system that prevents residents from leaving the safety of staff monitored areas. The system provides staff with smart alerts when it detects a wander prone resident near an exit, and will automatically lock the door or elevator car to prevent the exit. This allows residents to be politely redirected before they are presented with an opportunity to egress. Should a resident need to exit the facility, our escort feature allows staff to seamlessly accompany a resident out of a building, without any alerts or automatic locks.

Resident Wander Alerting

Keep Wander Prone Residents Safer

RTLS In Motion is an extremely accurate location tracking system that allows us to use smart alerts to notify staff before certain events can occur. As residents move throughout the campus, sensors track the location of each resident via their pendant. Using customized alerts, RTLS In Motion can be configured to alert staff when residents approach a problematic area, such as: an exit, stairs, an off-limits area, another resident's room, and more. 

By providing staff with a smart alert, they are notified of a potential problem and can intervene before it has a chance to happen.

Powerful Reporting To Better Understand Resident's Needs

Precise Location Tracking Produces Powerful Reports

RTLS In Motion tracks resident's location history and activity with extreme accuracy. Every 3 seconds, the system checks the location of every resident, piece of equipment, and staff member, and records their location, and any events.

Events are customizable, and can be configured to meet the unique needs of your community and residents. If an event occurs, staff will instantly receive an alert, allowing them to tend to the situation. To provide you with an idea, events can include: a wander prone resident approaching an exit, resident in the wrong room, a fall prone resident nearing stairs, a fall prone resident being mobile without a walker, and more.

Managers can also calculate their true cost of care, determine equipment utilization rates, control infections by determining who and what was in contact with the infection, and much more.  Immediately address operational challenges, alleviate family concerns with solid proof, and conclude costly investigations with our library of reports.

Reports can also be used to monitor resident's and the overall community's health over time, by monitoring events such as: number of wandering alerts, frequency of help calls, duration of help calls, and more.

RTLS In Motion

Our new & improved wander management feature helps you to reduce risk and enhance the care experience for dementia/Alzheimer’s and memory care residents.

Other RTLS In Motion Features

Life Safety

Provide a safer environment for residents and staff with RTLS In Motion. Wireless pendants provide seamless access to help, from anywhere on campus. When an alert is triggered, staff receive a notification with who called for help, and their exact location on campus.

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Wander Management & Elopement Control

Prevent and better control resident wandering and elopement with RTLS in Motion. Our real-time location tracking system provides staff with smart alerts, allowing staff to intervene before accidents have a chance to happen.

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The Power of Real-Time Location Tracking

Take your campus to the next level with high-precision location tracking. Staff can instantly find any resident to provide timely care. The system logs location history, allowing for more accurate evaluations of resident care, and is useful for family conferences.

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Mobile Alerting

RTLS In Motion integrates with the latest mobile devices from Apple to maximize our system's mobility. By having alerts sent directly to staff on their mobile device, our system boots productivity, safety, and complies with the latest legislation.

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Reporting & Analytics

Whether you're looking to improve safety, save money, or implement a continuous improvement program, RTLS in motion can help administrators track metrics and better understand their operational metrics.

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System Components

Prevent medication spoilage, improve inventory, control infections, and much more with our many add-on system components. Whether your initiative is to better track equipment cleaning and maintenance, or controlling infections, we have a solution for you.

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